About Logical Maintenance Solutions Inc.

LMS is a service partner company that provides on site IT related services throughout the United States and Canada. We are a process driven company that works together with our partners to provide optimal service delivery options to the desktop or data center based on your customer's requirement.

We are a private label offering that provides our partner the choice of branding and customer visibility. We provide a vast array of services and support offerings to facilitate your requirements on a customer-by-customer basis. Each customer has a specific call management procedure document detailing all special needs and requirements for that customer including all required reporting. With strong technical support, purchasing, parts and logistics teams, LMS is staffed and ready to deliver.

Our model is very scalable and can be ramped up or down in a timely fashion. We utilize our internally developed "Proactive Call Management" (Pac-Man) approach to maintain the most efficient service model available in the industry. Our dedicated account managers handle your call from start to finish insuring a coordinated effort of all internal and external factors required in best practices service delivery keeping you informed of the call activity throughout the call process. LMS understands our responsibility of representing a positive, timely and professional representation of your reputation to YOUR customer. LMS does not sell equipment, supplies or any goods or services to the end user commercial or private accounts.

We are truly a service partner and that is all we do!